50+ Stunning Minimalist Decorating Ideas in Your Home

Do You Need Ideas For Minimalist Decor In Your Home?

Minimalism is considered as one of the best architectural achievement of the 20th century. It features spare and streamlined designs, and yet, it is still very inviting and charming. It also promotes clean and clutter-free spaces. The beauty and charm of each piece of furniture or art will definitely stand out. Here are a few tips for achieving this interior design style.

  1. Simplify walls

Yes, walls. They can be overstuffed too, full of outdated objects, shelves of dusty knickknacks, and wall hangings purchased only because they color coordinate with the couch. Simplified walls are curated spaces that display images with meaning. They communicate not just what matters to me, but what matters most to me. Less is more.

  1. Focus on the gains, not the subtractions

A minimalist mindset is all about how owning less creates an opportunity to live more. I love this quote: “Minimalism isn’t about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love.” Yes!

  1. Choose one of three options for every object: remove it, relocate it, leave it.

Multiple choice is easier than essay, right? So why try to essay myself through decluttering decisions when I can do the easy-peasy with a multiple choice? Remove, relocate, or leave. No wrong answers!

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